About Us

About Us

Welcome to Laughing Lemon…

We are food & wine educators who have a huge passion and commitment to share our knowledge, passion and experience with others…while creating lasting culinary memories. We have been pursuing our vision to positively impact the lives of others since our beginning in 2004 – it’s how we work and what we believe in!

Our personalized services are customized to satisfy your desires. Our aim is to offer unbiased information in an open and transparent manner, and to provide fresh alternatives to your dining experience…all with a unique personal touch! We always like to say if we were in the clothing business, we would be tailors rather than selling products off-the-shelf.

But most of all, we are your trusted food & wine companions and we care about your needs. We want our work to satisfy all of your food & wine desires…and we want you to be so thrilled with your experience that you won’t stop talking about it for weeks – even years!

What We Offer…

Our services focus on offering food & wine education courses to individuals and small groups, and providing unique and very personal catering events.

Our recreational food & wine classes for individuals and small groups offer you a chance to enjoy excellent fresh food, unique selections of wine/spirits, pleasant and culturally diverse companionship, a friendly atmosphere and enough time to appreciate it all. Class sizes are kept small to allow everyone the opportunity to simply enjoy the experience…in a seriously fun environment.

Our catering services provide private or business customers with a variety of fresh choices. We specialize in alternative home dining – our very personal service offering you professional, high quality dining in the comfort of your own home. We also provide creative fingerfood apéros/buffets for small groups of under 50 people…it’s our fresh approach to catering.

We are also very proud to offer free food & wine information! Our what’s in season table features all of the fresh products available at the markets…and if you can’t find a market, then check out our list of markets throughout Switzerland. We’ve also written a great introduction to Swiss wines – a nice primer to anyone unfamiliar with the hidden wine gems of Switzerland. Finally, be sure to check out our photos and videos page if you are more of a visual person!