Laughing Lemon Food & Wine shall be obliged to exercise care in our performance during any course, special event, catering event or company event. We shall strive to carry out all events on time and in a problem-free manner. We shall also do our best to place importance on selecting food and beverages of impeccable quality. Laughing Lemon shall be responsible for planning events and coordinating any necessary support of participating organizations or work assistance. All rights on the material we present shall remain the intellectual property of Laughing Lemon Food & Wine. Use of this information in whatever form (except for personal use) is only permitted with written agreement.

Attendees to any of our events are obliged to communicate any perceived failure in the performance of this contract on the spot to Laughing Lemon, thereby giving us the opportunity to reach a satisfactory solution. Attendees should make complaints known to us in writing within 30 days of the completion of any event if verbal communication is not possible.

Registration & Order Confirmation

All registration requests to attend any of our scheduled courses, special events, company events or workshops must be made via our website forms. Registration is only complete once Laughing Lemon has received full payment. In submitting our online registration form, attendees are agreeing to accept all of the terms & conditions presented here. The person who completes the registration form does so on behalf of all the individuals included on it, so that all are also bound by these terms & conditions.

Number of Participants

Laughing Lemon scheduled courses will have a minimum of 8 attendees and a maximum of 14. Laughing Lemon will reserve the right to cancel any course if, for any reason, the attendance falls below our minimum number. Should a cancellation become necessary, Laughing Lemon agrees to notify all scheduled attendees on record immediately and refund all money paid to Laughing Lemon.


Courses/Private Events/Group Events/Team Events: All cancellations made with less than 7 days of notice from the scheduled event date will be required to pay the full amount of the course or event and no refund will be issued if advanced payment was made. All cancellations received with more than 7 days of notice may be requested to pay an administration fee of CHF 20 per person, which may be deducted from any refund.

Catering Cancellation Fees: 31+ days of notice: 10% of total event cost; 8-30 days of notice: 50% of total event cost; 0-7 days of notice: 100% of total event cost.

Cancellation by an attendee for any reason must be made in writing (post or e-mail), and the date on which the cancellation notice is received by Laughing Lemon will determine cancellation charges if applicable.


Should a cancellation or change to any event become necessary and implemented by Laughing Lemon, attendees will be given the option of withdrawing from the contract and accepting a reasonable refund of all monies paid to Laughing Lemon, or offered a space in a rescheduled event. In the event of a Laughing Lemon instructor being unable to attend any course or event due to illness or other circumstances beyond our control, the event will be cancelled and a refund of all monies paid to Laughing Lemon will be made to registered attendees.

All refunds will be paid out in the form of a voucher in the amount equal to payment received by Laughing Lemon and minus any applicable cancellation fees, unless another method of payment is agreed upon by both parties.


Courses: Full payment to attend a scheduled Laughing Lemon course or private event is required at the time of enrollment via the website.

Private Classes/Group Events/Team Events: Full payment for all private events, group events and team events is expected prior to the event or within 30 days of booking, whichever comes first.

Caterings: Full payment of all catering events is due no later than four weeks prior to the event, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by Laughing Lemon in the form of a proposal or electronic mail. Laughing Lemon reserves the right to request a deposits of up to 50% of the total anticipated cost for a catering event.

All Electronic Payments in Swiss Francs can be made by bank transfer to:
Laughing Lemon Food & Wine
Thurgauerstrasse 70
CH 8050 Zürich
Switzerland Bank: UBS AG 8001 Zürich Bahnhofstrasse 45
IBAN: CH980027827885049401M


All damages to equipment provided by Laughing Lemon or the owner of a rented property, and resulting from carelessness by the customer, shall be the responsibility of the customer. All damages to equipment or property belonging to the customer shall be the responsibility of the customer, unless gross negligence on the part of Laughing Lemon was the direct cause of the damage.


Laughing Lemon reserves the right to make minor alterations to our schedule, courses and company events in cases of short-term market changes or due to a lack of goods or massive price increases. In doing so, we shall pay particular attention to the interests of attendees and offer equivalent services/products. Laughing Lemon also reserves the right to change any prices, services or other details contained in our website or other printed materials at any time before we enter into contract with attendees. If there is any change, we agree to notify attendees before we enter into such contract.


Laughing Lemon Food & Wine accepts responsibility for acts and/or omissions of its employees while acting in the course of their employment. Laughing Lemon Food & Wine does not accept responsibility or liability for bodily injury, illness or death, caused to attendees or any other person included on the registration form, unless arising from the negligent act and/or omission of Laughing Lemon Food & Wine while acting in the course of their employment. Laughing Lemon Food & Wine shall not be liable for any injury, illness or death caused by any reaction on the part of attendees due to dietary restrictions. Laughing Lemon Food & Wine does not assume liability for damages incurred by attendees, which are caused by its auxiliary personnel in performing their contractual obligations. Laughing Lemon Food & Wine does not accept liability for any loss or additional expense caused by delay or interruption to any event through weather conditions, strikes or work stoppages by public transportation workers, civil disturbance, industrial action, wars, floods, earthquakes or sickness. Such losses or additional expenses are the responsibility of attendees.


Any claims related to the terms & conditions set forth in this document shall be subject to Swiss law in respect of any question of liability or monetary damages, and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive domain of, and applicable under the laws of the Canton of Zürich.

Our policies last updated: June 2016