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How To Roast and Candy Nuts

by Jack McNulty
September 21, 2008


Candied Nuts Offer Wonderful Contrasts To Many Fall Dishes…And Great Snacks Too!

Nuts are distinctive and appealing.  They are slightly sweet, slightly fatty and slightly bitter.  All attractive qualities to the cook interested in balancing textures and tastes.

But nuts can be much, much more.

Gently roasting nuts can coax hidden aromas to emerge, transforming them into rich tasting morsels. Taking it a step further and putting a layer of caramelized sugar on them will emphasize the nut’s natural sweetness and create wonderful contrasts between sweet and savory.

Roasted and candied nuts are perfect during the fall months. They can be added to salads, tossed about with game dishes – especially if a fruit sauce is involved, pulverized and mixed together with a little flour and butter to create an interesting pie shell, coated in chocolate or simply enjoyed alone as a snack.

But difficulties await the uninitiated! read more