Fingerfood Apéros

Fingerfood Apéros

Our Fingerfood Apéro Events Make Sense…

Have you seen enough puff pastry twists, cheese platters and cupcakes? Do you want something more interesting and fresh for your special birthday celebration, house warming party, vernissage, summer bbq or…well, just about any special event requiring food?

Our events are different…and they just make sense!

We offer elegantly simple fingerfood apéro events and stand-up buffets for 15-100 guests. We can either prepare a buffet-style offering or arrange for some help to pass the food on artfully arranged platters. And finally…we can also prepare the food in advance and simply deliver everything to you.

Planning a Fingerfood Apéro…

A Few Things To Consider…

about the food: We make every effort to supply only the highest quality ingredients. Our menu selections are always inspired from seasonal products…which we attempt to purchase locally and organic. Our food style is generally European…with a heavy Mediterranean influence. We always prepare each item exclusively for your fingerfood apéro dining experience. Of course, we are always happy to share with you where we purchased our products or recommend a particular supplier.

about the wine and beverages: Your fingerfood apéro experience can be with or without wine and other beverages. Feel free to take advantage of our professional recommendations and enjoy an appropriate beverage with your menu selections. Or if you prefer, select beverages from your own collection and we will do our best to adapt our food to match your beverages. It’s your choice!

equipment: We bring along most everything we need for the kitchen…although we may occassionally ask to use a small pot or pan. We always bring along our own apéro platters, which are specifically chosen to highlight the food and make everythiing look a bit more elegant. We are also able to offer glasses, other service materieal and any decoration help you may require. Just let us know and we’ll be sure to work it into our proposal.

about our pricing: Our fingerfood apéro pricing varies depending on a number of factors. Please get in touch with us to discuss your budget and dining desires.