Small Groups

Small Groups

Fun Cooking & Wine Evenings For Your Small Group!

We are happy to open up our kitchen for small groups of 8-12 individuals. Most of our courses are available on a private basis…or if you prefer, we can also organize something completely unique to your small group or organization.

We like to think our cooking and wine evenings are perfect for celebrating a special occasion with close friends – or perhaps getting together a small group from your organization for a memorable evening of food & wine.

We make the entire organization very simple. All you have to do is relax, have fun and share a few laughs with your friends.

Planning Your Private Group Event…

That Important Pricing Question…

In most cases, this is actually a simple question to answer…especially if you are planning a private course we already offer. In this case, our prices to your group would not be any different than a normal course. When planning something specific for your group, the answer becomes a bit more complicated, and unfortunately there are no simple answers to this question because each event is tailored specifically to the customer’s requirements. So, it is really best to get in touch with us so we can understand your needs in more detail.

That’s it…and probably enough to get us started in planning a unique and memorable event!