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Food & Wine Info

Find out what’s in season right now in Switzerland!

We provide a monthly list of fruits and vegetables available fresh at the market. Be sure to follow any of the product links to get even more information. We include product names in various languages, offer purchasing and storage tips, nutritional information, cooking ideas and general background information.

Everything is free…so take that first step and get a fresh attitude by finding out what’s in season

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Are you confused about market locations and times? Well, we’ve tried to help out by providing a list of markets throughout Switzerland!

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About Swiss Wine

If you’re interested in discovering more about Swiss wines, then we think you should check out our comprehensive information…including history, climate influences, grape varieties, wine styles, unique Swiss wine terms and a brief word about closures. We’ve covered a lot of ground…and we’re happy to share this information with you – for free of course!

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Need some visual stimulation? Be sure to check out some of our videos and food photography…

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