Kitchen Loft Sale

Kitchen Loft Sale

Everything Needs to Go…

We need to remove everything in our kitchen by the end of June…and that means you can grab some great bargains!

In fact, you can come and simply set your own price on all our remaining items – no really!

We will have a general open sale on Saturday May 18th from Noon to 6:00pm. Of course, you can also get in touch with us and visit earlier if that is convenient.

Here are some of the items we still have available:

Stools and Stools with backs
Leather Couch
Slow Juicer
Large White Wardrobe Unit (Interior)
Pressure Cooker (Kuhn Rikon)
Kahla Plates and Bowls
Variety of Glasses (Excellent Wine Glasses)
Variety of Dishes
Laser Printer (with new toner)
LED Lamp
Misc. Baking/Catering Equipment
Kitchen Island (4 meters) + Kitchen Unit – includes 2 ovens, 2 stove-tops, freezer and refrigerator
Plate Warmer
Silverware and Knives
Vintage Flour Mill (Stone Grinder)

Contact Us for more information…