My Fresh Attitude

My Fresh Attitude


Our new subscription-based website is your guide to healthy plant-based cooking. We offer hundreds of our professionally tested recipes, a handy ingredients section that offers helpful information on all the key ingredients you will need to pursue a healthy plant-based lifestyle and an instructional section on techniques – designed to make your life simple.

We do not have any advertising on our site…plus we do not play the click-bait game. Our aim is straight forward – we want to provide you with trusted information that is unique, modern and of course professionally tested.

Recipes…Check out our rich collection of seasonal, plant-based recipes that never contain tropical fats, use the lowest amount of oil possible, professionally tested, and of course – very tasty!

Ingredients…We’ve always believed 80% of being a good cook is being a good shopper! So, here’s where we will help you discover more about plant-based ingredients and what you should have on hand. 

Techniques…Turn to this area and learn all about healthy, plant-based cooking methods – including the latest in modern cooking methods, how to prepare ingredients, tips on saving time in the kitchen and how to prepare important base recipes.

We invite you to come check us out – there’s a lot of free information and some free recipes to sample (plus lots of appealing window shopping in the recipes section). We offer reasonable monthly and annual subscriptions…plus gift subscriptions!

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