My Name is Teroldego

March 22, 2009
by Silvia


Ciao…My name is Teroldego. I am a red grape variety from northern Italy – just a bit north of Trento from the plateau named Teroldego Rotaliano. This is the only place I like to grow. My home is between very steep rock walls, two nice rivers and a warm climate with cooling alpine winds blowing down on me.

I am also the very first D.O.C. wine from this region…and naturally I am very well respected amongst all Italian wines.

I came to Zürich last week with a few of my red and white colleagues from Trentino. We stayed at the noble Dolder Grand Hotel…nice place, and presented ourselves in their new ballroom to numerous wine tasters, pros and some wine freaks. You would not believe some of the wine taster’s palates we ended up in – vero! But, I had a good time, and I am sure I left quite an impression with many tasters who have never experienced my charm.

I have an intense deep ruby color with an almost black core…it is the first thing people notice about me. I also have an intense and immensely fruity aroma. It is like…black cherry jam with maybe a hint of some raspberries. I am also quite spicy and some even say, I have the smell of black licorice. Sometimes I spend several months of wellness inside a small oak barrel, and I come away smelling like vanilla and toasted wood. This gives me an attractive complexity…no?  


When you taste me, you will notice my fruity character…and I will fool you with a slightly sweet impression even though I am completely dry. I am not a sour grape. I have mild acids and I keep my tannins under control and make them very smooth.

When you roll me around inside your mouth and slurp in some air, then I will reveal all of my aromas to you. You will notice all the fruit inside of me and of course, the licorice. You will also catch a slight and tender bitterness, which we like to call ‘amarognolo.’ But, mamma mia, this can be a very noisy affair…what’s up with you Swiss tasters anyway – don’t you have any manners?

Don’t be mistaken. I am quite powerful and intense with a sleek body…And, I am also elegant…eh, sono Italiano!

Yes, I have very convincing arguments.

In the end, it did not matter if I ended up in the spittoon or if I was swallowed. I know I will stay with your memory…and I know I put a few wine freaks and pros in a better mood…some even added a smiley or two to their tasting notes.

Oh…if you can find me, just remember…I don’t like to hang around in a dusty cellar for a long time. I want to be drunk during the best years of my youth…no more than seven years after I have been harvested. Hey…I am Italian and I like action!

I am happy if you enjoy me alone, but I also like to party in your mouth with some of my food friends – cheese, salami, juicy roasted meats or game.

Maybe we see each other soon. Don’t forget…my name is Rotaliano…Teroldego Rotaliano!

Ciao…ci vediamo!

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