General Information:  The apple is Europe’s number one fruit, with hundreds (some say thousands) of varieties grown. Unfortunately, many varieties are slowly disappearing and being replaced by varieties better suited for storage and transportation – one side effect of globalization. Additionally, the varieties found in large supermarkets are often manipulated to produce sweeter, less acidic fruit – another side effect of catering to a world market. Fortunately, by visiting local markets in late summer and early Fall, many of the older apple varieties can still be purchased.

Season: The optimal months to purchase and consume apples in Switzerland are July through October, although fresh apples from storage can be acquired through February.

Purchasing Tips: Always look for firm, well-colored apples. Avoid those with a musty fragrance. The skins should be smooth and free of bruises and excessive brown or soft spots.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark location away from other fruits or vegetables.

Cooking Tips: Consume apples raw, baked, or sautéed. When using apples in cooking, always try to use a variety with high acid levels and relatively low sugar.

Nutritional Info: Excellent source of Vitamins A & C, along with potassium.


Apple Tasting Notes 

Ananas Renette: A very decorative old variety with a yellow skin with red stars. It has a very good flavor, which balances sweet and sour.

Bella Vista: Excellent unusual flavor with a nice combination of acid and sugar. It is sour early, then more sweet as the season matures.

Berner Rosenapfel: A Swiss variety with green skin and white meat. It is very flavorful with a strong sweetness and acidity. This is an excellent juicing apple.

Boskop (Red): The red variety is a mutation from the green Boskop. It is a good storage apple, with good fruity overtones and a strong acidity early in the season. The Boskop is a good cooking apple.

Braeburn: Originally from New Zealand, this variety is very aromatic and typical. It is sweet with mild acidity.

Cox Orange: This very old variety has a typical apple aroma. It has a superior flavor which combines juiciness, acidity and sweetness. Early season Cox Oranges keep well, but as the season matures, this apple will not store too well.

Elstar: This apple is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Ingrid Marie. It is very aromatic, sweet and a strong acidity.

Fuji: A Japanese cross between the Golden Delicious and the Ralls Janet It is a late season variety with very sweet flavors and plenty of juice.

Glockenapfel: An excellent Swiss variety with a good balance of sweet and sour.

Golden Delicious: Very flavorful variety from USA, with a good balance of sweetness. This is a good apple to juice.

Granny Smith: This famous green apple originates from Australia. It is an excellent cooking apple with a nice strong acidity and slightly sour taste.

Gravensteiner: A very old European variety, the Gravensteiner has an excellent aroma and fresh flavor with a very appealing acidity.

Idared: An American variety with good storage capability. It has a weak flavor, which is slightly sweet and light on the acidity.

Jonagold: Developed in the US, this apple is a cross from the Golden Delicious and Jonathan. It is sweet, juicy and has a good acidity.

Jonathan: This variety originates from the USA. It has a hard texture with a good sweet-acid balance and plenty of juice.

July Red: Mild, early-season variety with good acidity. It is sour early in the season, then becomes sweet.

Klarapfel: Quickly turns starchy, light yellow green color with white meat. It is sour and juicy.

Pink Lady: A relatively new Australian variety with excellent storage potential and a nice sweet and sour balance.

Royal Gala: A New Zealand mutant from the Gala, this aromatic and flavorful apple is sweet and very juicy.

Rote Sternrenette: An old European variety which is very red with little white stars on the skin. It is worth finding this apple in specialty markets. It has a nice balance of sweet and sour.

Rubinette: This Swiss variety is similar to the Cox apple. It has an excellent aroma, with a good sweet-acid balance and plenty of juice.

Sternapfel: Very old variety with hard meat and intense flavor. It is a small apple with balanced acidity and sugar mixture. An excellent apple to eat.


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