Celery Root/Celeriac

Celery Root/Celeriac

General Information: This vegetable is actually the root of a special celery variety cultivated only for the root. It tastes like a cross between celery and parsley, and it ranges in size from an apple to a melon. The celery root is actually quite old, dating back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed the celery root was a sign of good luck. Today, this vegetable is one of Europe’s most important vegetables.

Season: Can be found fresh from May through February. New harvest – often quite small – are available from late-May and early June. Larger roots are available during the late summer and fall, and more starchy roots come after the first frost and continue until the early part of the year if the weather has been favorable.

Purchasing Tips: Choose relatively small and firm roots, with a minimum amount of knobs and rootlets. Avoid those with soft or brown spots. Look for roots that are heavy for their size.

Storage Tips: Refrigerate 7-10 days

Cooking Tips: Use raw or cooked in almost any manner. They are excellent puréed with potatoes, roasted and tossed with olive oil and herbs, or used to enrich soups or stocks. Soak in acidulated water to prevent discoloration.

Nutritional Info: Good source of Vitamin B, calcium and iron. Also contains phosphorous and Vitamin E


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