General Information: Cherries are named after the Turkish town Cerasus. There are two main groups of cherries: sweet and sour. Sweet cherries are the larger of the varieties. They are firm and heart-shaped. Sweet cherries are good eaten raw or cooked. The popular varieties of cherries are Black Bing, Lambert, & Tartarian. They range in color from dark red to purple black. The golden or red-blushed Royal Ann variety is excellent to eat raw. It is also the variety used to produce Maraschino Cherries and liquor. Sour cherries are smaller and softer, with more globular shapes. They are generally too tart to eat raw, but they are excellent when cooked. The dark red Morello can sometimes be found in the markets.

Season: From June to August (sour cherries are in season from June to August)

Purchasing Tips: Choose those with bright colors and shiny, with no signs of wilting. They should be quite firm, but not too hard. Sour cherries should be medium firm. Avoid cherries without their stem, as they will quickly perish.

Storage: Store refrigerated for several days.

Cooking Tips: Excellent raw, cooked in tarts or pies, or preserved.

Nutritional Info: Cherries have minor amounts of vitamins and minerals.

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