Chicory (Catalogna)

Chicory (Catalogna)

General Information: Belonging to the chicory family, this bitter and crunchy vegetable is also sometimes known by its Roman name of Pantarelle. The roasted ground roots of some varieties are used as coffee substitutes.

Season: June – October

Purchasing Tips: Look for chicory with brightly colored crisp leaves, and no signs of yellowing or insect damage.

Storage: Cut the central buds and soak them in cold water. Refrigerate the leaves for 2-3 days.

Cooking Tips: Eat the leaves raw with a sauce of garlic and anchovy with olive oil. Can also be sautéed, steamed or grilled. With older plants, eat the leaves only. Cooking chicory will intensify the bitterness.

Nutritional Info: Very high in Vitamins A & C, and good source of minerals (calcium, iron, folic acid and iron).

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