Cima di Rapa

Cima di Rapa

General Information: This broccoli-like vegetable is related to the cabbage and turnip family. It comes to Swiss markets mostly from Italy. The greens are relatively pungent and slightly bitter. The stems are a bit more mild, with a pleasant nuttiness. It is used in the USA (known as broccoli rabe) primarily as animal food. In Europe, especially in Italian cuisine, cima di rapa is highly appreciated. It appears in a number of pasta dishes – often combined with chili peppers, olive oil, garlic, and anchovies – and risottos.

Season: November through April, with peak buying time occurring between the first of February and the end of March

Purchasing Tips: Avoid bunches with a lot of yellow flowers, or stalks that are hollow. The plant should have a vibrant green color, and it should feel firm.

Storage: Refrigerate up to 5 days

Cooking Tips: Cima di rapa can be fried, steamed, braised or boiled. It is excellent with risotto and pasta, and pairs well with a fruity olive oil, chile peppers and anchovies.

Nutritional Info: High in vitamins A & C. Good source of Riboflavin, Calcium, and Iron.

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