Cranberry Beans

Cranberry Beans

General Information: These beautiful beans have large, knobby beige pods splotched with red. The beans inside are cream-colored with red streaks and have a delicious nut-like flavor. Cranberry beans must be cooked, and they will lose their red color during the cooking process and turn brown.

Season: June – August

Purchasing Tips: The shells should be bright pink when fresh. When allowed to sit for several days the shells will harden and begin to turn purple. Avoid any beans that are soft or slimy.

Storage: Fresh beans should be shelled and cooked within a day or two of purchase

Cooking Tips: Fresh beans should not be soaked prior to cooking like dried beans. Simmer fresh beans for 25-40 minutes in salted water. They should be soft, but not falling apart. Always allow the beans to gently cool in their cooking liquid.

Nutritional Info: Beans are good sources for vitamins A, B, and C. They also have vitamin E present, but this is only activated in human bodies if the beans are consumed with animal proteins. Beans also have high amounts of Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Protein and Carbohydrates. Dried beans are the world’s most important plant contribution to protein.

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