General Information: The cucumber is an ancient vegetable of more than two thousand years old. It originates from either Thailand or India. In Swiss markets, there are primarily three varieties most commonly sold: The English variety, which is long and contains few seeds; the Nostrano, which is shorter and fatter than the English variety, and can contain many seeds which contribute to a bitter flavor; The gherkin variety is often used to make dill pickles or cornichons.

Season: Cucumbers are best purchased during the warm months of April through September, with the earlier summer months producing the less bitter product. Hothouse cucumbers are available all year, but they are quite watery and flavorless.

Purchasing Tips: Look for smooth, brightly colored skins. Avoid purchasing cucumbers with shriveled or soft spots.

Storage: Keep unwashed in the refrigerator up to 7 days

Cooking Tips: Cucumbers are usually eaten raw, but they are also quite good when gently sautéed in butter. Salting sliced cucumbers before using helps to release the water and enhances the flavor. Skins should be washed well, and not peeled away.

Nutritional Info: The cucumber offers little in nutrition, but it does have small amounts of vitamin A & C, as well as Calcium.

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