General Information: Fennel is often mislabeled as ‘sweet anise,’ causing those who don’t like the flavor of licorice to avoid it. The flavor of fennel, however, is sweeter and more delicate than anise, and when cooked, it becomes lighter and somewhat nutty.

Season: March- November. The best quality Swiss products begin appearing in June and last through September.

Purchasing Tips: Choose clean, crisp bulbs with no signs of browning. Any attached greenery should be bight in color, with no signs of browning or wilting.

Storage: Refrigerate up to five days. Remove the greens and keep them in a small amount of water. The roots should be wrapped in plastic.

Cooking Tips: Can be eaten raw, braised, steamed, sautéed or baked.

Nutritional Info: Rich in Vitamins A, C & E, along with good amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

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