General Information: These large and quite tart berries grow on bushes, and flourish in Northern Europe. There are generally three varieties available at the market: green, yellow and red. The green and yellow varieties have a pleasant combination of sweet and sour, and the skin is easy to consume. The red variety has a harder skin, which can be annoying when consuming raw. All gooseberries can have smooth or hairy skins. The meat has many small seeds, which are quite edible. In addition to large amounts of sugar, the gooseberry is an excellent provider of Vitamins A, C & E, along with calcium and phosphorous.

Season: From the end of June through August

Purchasing Tips: If consuming raw, choose only very ripe fruit (unripe gooseberries will have many green spots on the skin).

Storage: Refrigerated up to four days

Cooking Tips: Gooseberries are excellent cooked in jams, jellies, pies and fools. They also make a classic sauce, which is often paired with sweetbreads.

Nutritional Info: Excellent source for Vitamins A, C & E, along with magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

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