General Information: Kohlrabi can be either purple or white, with no real difference in flavor between the two. It is a member of the turnip family, but milder and sweeter in taste. The stems, leaves, and root are all edible.

Season: From April through November, with peak season occurring from the end of May through mid-September.

Purchasing Tips: Look for those under 3-inches in diameter, as they will be the most tender. Choose product that is heavy for its size, and with deeply colored and firm leaves. Avoid kohlrabi with soft spots on the bulb or yellowing on the leaves or leaf tips.

Storage: Refrigerate up to 4 days

Cooking Tips: Steamed, or sliced and added to soups or stews. Kohlrabi is also excellent eaten raw when young and tender. The greens can be prepared like Spinach.

Nutritional Info: Rich in Vitamin C and potassium. The leaves are a rich source of iron.

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