General Information: The leek is native to the Mediterranean, and has been used for thousands of years. It is related to both the garlic and the onion, with a flavor and fragrance that is more subtle and mild. Leeks can be difficult for some people to digest. They should be consumed in small quantities, or in combination with potatoes or bread.

Season: Fresh leeks are available most of the year, with the months from May through October as the best. The early varieties are almost completely white. The Fall leeks are a light green, and the winter varieties tend to have a dark greenness to the leaves. White leeks are also found during winter. They are covered to prevent any green color from forming. The white leeks are the most subtle in flavor and have the softest leaves.

Purchasing Tips: Look for crisp, brightly-colored leaves, with no blemishes appearing on the white part. Avoid those that are withered or have yellow-spotted leaves. The smaller the leek, the more tender it will be.

Storage: Refrigerate 5 days. Leeks should be washed thoroughly to remove all dirt trapped between the leaves.

Cooking Tips: Leeks can be cooked in various manners, including steamed, stewed, boiled or baked.

Nutritional Info: Good providers of Vitamins C & B, and iron.

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