Loquat (Nespolo)

Loquat (Nespolo)

General Information: This very old Chinese fruit is beginning to show up more on the market. It is also called the May Apple, Japanese Medlar, or Japanese Plum. It is slightly pear-shaped, and resembles an apricot in its size and color. The flesh is pale yellow, and the taste is delicate with a sweetly tart cherry-like flavor. The fruit surrounds 1-3 large seeds in the middle, which are not edible. Grown throughout the Mediterranean, these fruits are not good travelers because of their tendency to bruise. Spain and Italy are the primary providers to the local markets in Switzerland.

Season: May through mid-July

Purchasing Tips: Choose large, evenly shaped fruit with no obvious signs of bruising.

Storage: Loquats do not keep long. They should be kept at room temperature for no more than two days, or refrigerated in a plastic bag for three days.

Cooking Tips: Enjoy loquats raw as a snack (peel first), or add them to salads. For a different flavor, replace apricots with loquats in your favorite recipe.

Nutritional Info: Vitamins A & C

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