General Information: The onion is a member of the lily family and is used throughout the world in various cuisines. There are many varieties of onions available in Europe. Among those with mild flavors are the white or yellow onions, sometimes called Bermuda. The larger, yellow-colored Spanish onion becomes available in August. Red onions, primarily used in Italian cooking, appear fresh during August. The best ways to prevent tears when chopping or slicing onions are: 1. Where goggles; 2. Use a very sharp knife. Lacking either of these two will produce tears…but, a little crying is not so bad!

Season: April – December (most varieties)

Purchasing Tips: Choose those that are heavy for their size, with dry, papery skins and no signs of spotting or moistness. Avoid onions with soft spots.

Storage: Onions should be stored in a dry location with good air circulation for up to one month, or longer if the onion was purchased young. Avoid humid conditions. White onions will perish quicker due to a higher water content.

Cooking Tips: Onions can be eaten raw or cooked in any manner. Slow long dry cooking (roasting, grilling, frying) caramelizes the sugars and produces an extraordinary flavor.

Nutritional Info: Good source for magnesium, with Vitamins A & C also present.


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