General Information: Radishes are the root of a plant belonging to the mustard family, which helps explain the sharp, peppery flavor. Its skin can vary in color from white to red to purple to black. The radish can be round, oval or elongated, and can range from 1/2 inch in diameter to carrot-like giants.

Season: Although available year around, look for the best radishes during the months of March through July.

Purchasing Tips: Choose those that are firm when gently pinched or squeezed. Avoid soft radishes, ones with cracks, and those with yellowing leaves.

Storage: Remove the leaves immediately after purchase. Store in the refrigerator for up to five days. For crisper radishes, store in water.

Cooking Tips: Eat raw, boiled, roasted, glazed, or steamed. Try thinly-sliced raw radishes on bread with plenty of sweet butter.

Nutritional Info: Good source of minerals.

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