General Information: Raspberries are the most intensely flavored berry, and can be found in black, golden or red colors. Most raspberries found on the market today are red, and come from either France or Germany. In larger stores, raspberries are found from May until October, with most coming from Eastern Europe or Russia, along with the USA. These are significantly less flavorful.

Season: Beginning in June with raspberries coming from Italy or Spain. Swiss raspberries are available from July through September

Purchasing Tips: Choose brightly colored raspberries with no hulls (the hulls indicate that the berries were picked too early, and they will be too tart). Avoid those that are soft, shriveled or moldy.

Storage: Raspberries don’t keep too well, so it is best to consume them on the same day they were purchased (they will taste better!). If you would like to keep them a bit longer, place raspberries in a moisture proof container on paper towels in a single layer and refrigerate up to 3 days.

Cooking Tips: Enjoy fresh raspberries raw. They can also be used to prepare an excellent sauce or in a frozen dessert preparation like a parfait.

Nutritional Info: Fresh raspberries are enormously nutritious. Along with large quantities of magnesium and calcium, raspberries provide the water-regulating mineral potassium, and the Vitamins A, B & C.

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