General Information: Shallots are favored for their mild onion flavor and can be used in the same manner. Originally from the Middle East, shallots are formed like garlic heads. The skin color can vary from pale brown to pale gray to rose. The off-white flesh is usually tinged with green or purple. Look for early season French shallots. They are usually fresher and more flavorful, without being overbearing.

Season: The Spring months are the best for fresh shallots. Dry shallots are available year around like garlic. The optimal months for fresh shallots are end of March to September.

Purchasing Tips: Dry-skinned shallots should be plump and firm with no sign of wrinkling or sprouting. Fresh shallots should be firm and emit a pleasant aroma.

Storage: Fresh shallots can be refrigerated for up to one week. Dry shallots can be kept in a cool, dark area for up to one month.

Cooking Tips: Can be eaten raw, roasted, deep-fried or glazed. Excellent when used in combination with wine or vinegar.

Nutritional Info: Good source for calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and C.

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