There two main varieties appearing in Swiss markets. The Spring variety has flat, light-green spade-shaped leaves and is sometimes referred to as New Zealand spinach. The Fall variety has crinkled, thick and larger leaves, with a very dark green color. There is no real nutritional or taste difference between the two varieties. The Spring variety is mostly consumed raw in salads, and the Fall variety is mostly cooked. All spinach should be carefully washed to eliminate the sandy grit.

Season: The spring variety is best from March– May, and the fall variety is best between October and January.

Purchasing Tips: Spinach loses its vitamins quickly, so it is best to purchase the freshest product you can find. Choose leaves that are crisp and vibrant colored with a fresh fragrance. Avoid limp or yellowed leaves, or those with dark or slimy patches.

Storage: Refrigerate up to 3 days in a plastic bag.

Cooking Tips: Spinach is excellent raw and juiced. If cooking, it is best to steam, lightly simmer, or quickly sauté.

Nutritional Info: Contains iron and vitamins A and C. Spinach also contains Oxalic Acid, which inhibits the body’s absorption of calcium and iron.

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