White Cabbage

White Cabbage

General Information:  White cabbage is best known as the main ingredient in sauerkraut. Despite the name, sauerkraut was actually first eaten in China over two thousand years ago by laborers building the Great Wall. Early summer cabbage is delicious lightly stewed with cumin seed, and paired with rich-flavored meats like port, squab and even Foie Gras. Another advantage of early season cabbage is the fact that it is delicious thinly sliced and eaten raw in a light vinaigrette.

Season:  Early white cabbage is available in July. The season continues through January.

Purchasing Tips:  Choose cabbage with fresh, crisp-looking leaves that are firmly packed. The head should be heavy for its size. Avoid cabbage with insect holes.

Storage:  Refrigerate, tightly wrapped, for up to one week.

Cooking Tips:  Can be eaten raw, steamed, or braised. To reduce the effects cabbage can have on the digestive system, try blanching the cabbage first for two minutes. Drain and rinse well, then resume cooking in salted water or by any other method.

Nutritional Info:  Rich in Vitamins B & C

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