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First Release of Swiss Wines

by Silvia
March 3, 2008

That’s right!  The first of the 2007 Swiss wines have been released!

Canton Neuchâtel in the western part of Switzerland always releases the year’s first wines, the Neuchâtel Blanc Non Filtré.  The non filtré is a white wine made from the Chasselas grape variety.  It is always released on the third Wednesday in January at an official tasting in the city’s town hall.  This unusual and surprisingly refreshing wine has only been commercialized for eleven years.  Earlier, the wine was something like an insider secret.  Today, the wine is increasing in stature and definitely worth a try.

The wine is bottled without filtering the yeast, which creates a noticeable white deposit on the bottom of the bottle.  The yeast plays an important role by maintaining the wine’s freshness.  Shaking the bottle before opening will turn the wine foggy and enhance the flavor of the wine – an act that is encouraged!  As the wine hits your mouth, you should notice a slight, but definite fizziness on the tip of your tongue.  The freshness is dominated by citrus fruits, and a pleasant flavor of yeast.  The wine’s acidity is rather pronounced for Swiss palates, meaning there is a bit more zing in this wine than a typical Chasselas.  read more


Welcome to Fresh Attitude!

by Jack McNulty
March 1, 2008

Jack McNulty & Silvia Gautschi McNulty

Welcome to our fresh new blog/newsletter…

This blog will primarily focus on exploring the fascinating and evolving food & wine culture of Switzerland.  From time to time, we will also use this site to write about our main business – Laughing Lemon Food & Wine.  We have quite a few ideas on how we can utilize new technologies to communicate our message more efficiently to our customers and others who happen to share an interest in Switzerland…But, that will have to wait until we get this blog off the ground and complete our new design to the Laughing Lemon web site.

We hope you find the information we will be providing useful, educational, and of course, refreshing!  We welcome all relevant comments and suggestions…even if we do not share the same opinion.  Please use the contact form to communicate directly with us, and be sure to fill-in the necessary information prior to making a comment on any of our posts. You can find out more about our qualifications, experience, and our business by visiting our main web site.

Ok…that’s about enough for our initial post.  Let’s go ahead and see if we can get a fresh attitude on the food & wine culture of Switzerland!